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1. Every magician has a beautiful vision for the world.
2. Every system of magic is a single artists tool, used to reshape reality.
3. If you believe, it shall exist.
4. When you call, they will answer.
5. Success and failure, is one and the same: ignorance and depression is the enemy.
6. Be like all equally, and you shall unite; refuse and separate.

by Dalamar
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Utterance 204.

118a. Rejoice, O hoers; let the heart in the breasts of men be lifted up.

118b. They have swallowed the 'bright eye of Horus which is in Heliopolis.

118c. The little finger of N. draws out that which is in the navel of Osiris.

119a. N. thirsts not, he hungers not; the heart of N. faints (?) not,

119b. for it is in the hands of Ḥȝ: which hold off his hunger. O fill (him), O fillers of hearts.

Utterance 205.

120a. To say: O ye who preside over food, ye who are attached to plentifulness (ȝgb)

p. 56

120b. commend N. to Ftk.tȝ, the cup-bearer of Rē‘, that he may commend him to Rē‘ himself,

120c. that Rē‘ may commend him to the chiefs of the provisions of this year,

120d. that they may seize and give him, that they may take and give him barley, spelt, bread, beer.

121 a. For as to N., it is his father who gives, to him; it is Rē‘ who gives to him barley, spelt, bread, beer.

121b. For he (N.) is indeed the great bull which smote Kns.t.

121c. For to N. indeed belong the five portions of bread, liquid, cake, in the mansion,

121d. of which three are in heaven with Rē‘, and two on earth with the Ennead.

122a. For he is one who is unbound, he is indeed set free; for he is one who is seen, he is one who is indeed observed.

122b. O Rē‘, he (N.) is better to-day than yesterday.

123a. N. has copulated with Mw.t; N. has kissed Šw-ś.t;

123b. N. has united with Nḫbw.t.

123c. N. has copulated with his beloved, deprived of tbtb (grain?, seed?) and of šśšś.

123d. But as to the beloved of N., she gives bread to N.;

123e. she did well by him in that day.

Utterance 206.

123f. To say: O ye who preside over food, ye who are attached to plentifulness,

1239. commend N. to Ftk.tȝ, the cup-bearer of Rē‘, that he may commend N. to Rē‘ himself,

123h. that Rē‘ may commend N. to the chiefs of the provisions.

123i. That which he (Rē‘) bites, he gives to N.; that which he nibbles, he gives to N.,

123k. that N. may sleep and be well every day.

Utterance 207.

124a. To say: An offering of the butcher; an offering of the butcher; an offering of that which is in the eye of Rē‘;

124b. an offering of the bird-catcher, who is in the eye of the god. the cup-bearer who offers water.

124c. Let the fire be hot; let the joint (of meat) be with the pastry',

124d. four hands (full) of water.

p. 57

Utterance 208.

A Variant of Utterance 207.

124e. To say: An offering to Atum; an offering to Atum; an offering of that which is in the eye of the boat of the god.

124f. Let the joint (of meat) be with pastry;

124g. four hands (full) of water.

Utterance 209.

125a. Shu is well (green); N. has not taken his food (meal).

125b. N. is well (green); Shu has not taken his food (meal).

125c. Let the eastern messengers repeat (double) thy bread.

Utterance 210.

126a. To say: The judge is awake; Thot is up;

126b. the sleepers are awake; they that are in Kns.t bestir themselves

126c. before the great bittern, which comes forth from the marsh and Wepwawet who comes forth from the tamarisk-bush.

127a. The mouth of N. is pure; the Two Enneads purify N.;

127b. pure is this tongue which is in his mouth.

127c. The abomination of N. is dung; N. rejects urine.

127d. N. loathes his abomination.

128a. The abomination of N., it is dung; he eateth not that abomination,

128b. just as at the same time Set shrinks from these two companions who voyage over the sky.

128c. Rē‘ and Thot, take N. with you,

129a. that he may eat of that which ye eat, that he may drink of that which ye drink,

129b. that he may live on that which ye live, that he may sit on that which ye sit,

129c. that he may be mighty by that whereby ye are mighty, that he may voyage in that wherein ye voyage.

130a. The booth of N. is an arbour among the reeds;

130b. the abundance of N. is in the Marsh of Offerings;

130c. his food is among you, ye gods; the water of N. consists of wine like that of Rē‘,

p. 58

130d. N. compasses the sky like Rē‘; N. traverses the sky like Thot.

Utterance 211.

131a. To say: The abomination of N. is hunger; he does not eat it;

131b. the abomination of N. is thirst; he does not drink it.

131c. It is N. who gives food to those who exist.

131d. His nurse is ’iȝ.t;

131e. it is she who makes his life (through nourishment?); it is she who gave birth to N.

132a. N. was conceived in the night; N. was born in the night.

132b. He belongs, to the Followers of Rē‘, who are before the morning star.

132c. N. was conceived in Nun; he was born in Nun.

132d. He has come; he has brought to you (some) bread of that which he found there.

Utterance 212.

133a. To say: The eye of Horus drips on the tuft of the dn.w-plant.

133b. Ḫnti-’imntiw came to him;

133c. he brought food to him, an offering of Horus who is chief of the houses,

133d. (for) he lives on that on which N. lives,

133e. he eats that which N. eats, he drinks, that which N. drinks.

133f. One joint of meat and pastry, that is his meal.


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