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The History of Gnosticism

ThothI lack the scholarship necessary to properly elucidate on these subjects, but nonetheless, I shall bravely offer the gnostics a history of humanity which should serve to unite the many different and wonderful Schools of Thought I encounter that are really offshoots of a much older world order. Because I may not be allowed to finish a related book on these subjects this might be the only time I will act as revealer, so enjoy it and don't get too upset when I ask you to throw down your assumptions regarding gnosticism. I seek to offend no person (or god). I only act out of service to my fellow person, with love and faith that these words can serve as a lamp in the darkness. First I will tell you that all the thousands of Schools of Thought we encounter in our quest for truth are subordinated from 13 original schools started by Thoth the scribe: creator of most of mankinds languages and written words. This is where we get the word Thought (Thoth=Thot=Thought) and in what follows I invite you to do just that.....

<<<<< TO THINK >>>>>

On Aug. 7th, 1913 Dr. Arno Poebel released the first report on the translation of the tablets of ancient Nippur, in Iraq. These tablets were the first of many accounts of mankinds true history, some of which have yet to be translated. They contained the oldest story of creation in the world, in which the creator of mankind is a woman. They also talked of the last flood and contained missing laws from the code of Hammurabi, and the first bancruptcy act.

In 1976 Zecharia Sitchin wrote 'The 12th Planet', wherein he explained how the Sumerian tablets showed the roots of mankind weren't ANYthing like most believed. He introduced us to the creation story of the first version of our solar system... before the Earth existed there was a massive planet called Tiamet between Mars and Jupiter. The creation of Neptune and Uranus caused an gravitational inbalance in the rest of the system, as the planet's began converging on each other. Somehow Neptunes orbit affected the solar helioshere; as the corona erupted an intense solar plasma wave swept outwards, carrying with it a magnetic storm which caused a brief period of Null-Time, called the first long sleep. Mercury's wandering orbit was fixed and Neptune attracted the last created planetoid into our system: Marduk. This new volcanic planet entered our system in an opposite orbit than the rest of the system, causing the rest of the planets to create moons and shoot great arcs of lightning between themselves. Pluto was sent into space and the rest of the planets began adjusting their orbits. Marduk approached Tiamet, who had formed 4 new planetoids in anticipation. As a tightening net of lightning closed the space between them Marduk's moons rammed into Tiamet, cleaving her in nearly in two. A tremendous bolt of lightning leapt from Marduk to Tiamet's center like an arrow, killing her 'life breath'--- her electric and magnetic forces and fields. Tiamet's moons were smashed into what would later become the comets; both the comets and Marduk assume an elongated orbit around the sun. On it's next trip around the sun Marduk finished the job by splitting Tiamet fully in two. This time Marduk smashed into one half which became the "hammered bracelet" or asteroid belt. One of it's moon's hit the other, moving it to a new solar orbit. We call this half the Earth now!! The atmosphere of Mar's was ripped off to combine with the remnant of Tiamet's and become our atmosphere. Tiamet's moon Kingu was pulled into the Earths gravity and becomes our moon.

Sitchin then goes on to illuminate the artificers of these affairs sometimes known as the World builders, Great Cosmocrator's, the Elder God's, the Creator Race who sired the Anunnaki or Elohim. The Eld God's were representatives or contemporaries of a group of beings called the Galactic Federation of United Planets. They could use their minds to do incredible things and passed on the mysteries of these traits as knowledge to their children.

And as our progenitors, their children passed knowledge of the mysteries on to us: their children. Read about the Anunnaki space stations on Earth and their attempts to mine gold in order to save Marduk during it's annual 3,600 year pass close by the sun. Each pass creates a miniature Null-Time or Time Cessation in the system as the Sun's magnetosphere erupts. This event sends a magnetic and electrical storm throughout our system which wipes all Merkaba's like a computer hard drive. I won't go into the Mer-Ka-Ba right now, other than to say that we have a magnetic matrix tied into our brains that is sometimes called our crown chakra, where we carry our holographic memory --- outside of our brains.

We were created as a slave race who's destiny was to remain dumb, docile and servile, call us the Adamites. The Adamites were androgynous and needed to be cloned. As we have recently learned, this is a messy process with many mistakes. A variety of misformed men and gods ensued; we see them represented around the world and have always wrongly supposed that these were metaphorical riddles to be solved, when in fact they were mutants of all shapes and form, godlike and grotesque. Eventually the problems were solved and a race of men were created resembling the Anunnaki, only much much smaller.

Using primates for the main genetic stock the Anunnaki (led by Enki and his sister among others) taught themselves xeno-genesis, whereby they added their own DNA to the our ancestors. The first few attempts were disastrous for the creators as the created subjects exhibited Meta-skills which surpassed their Creator's!!!! They removed more and more strands from our helix until we were left with only a dual helix. Still, we quickly surpassed our cousins Chimps and Bonobo's and became self-aware when Enki secretly RE-activated the corresponding genes, many generations later.

When a rudimentary alphabet appeared in the gold mines of South Africa the cat was out of the bag: the slaves had gained sentience. In earlier postings I have revealed what I believe to be assertions of the primates earlier creators who were NOT the Anunnaki. These stories of a special aspect to humanity have always enraged the creator's... in the Hermetica, the Upanishad's, the Popal Vuh, the Sumerian Tablets and the Bible we are told of how a punishment for this insolence was meted out. The created race would not be warned when Nibiru or Marduk made it's annual return. If the sun didn't burn them, there would be tidal waves, earthquakes and the usual magnetic storm to keep their population in check. Some god's would preserve a remnant (the rapture of Draco) in order to start over.

I have seen fruitless fighting between some who argue over where and when the seat of humanity lies; where and how we were created; who's country is the oldest and therefore the birthplace of civilization. When one understands the 3,600 year ebb and flow of humanity we can roughly pinpoint the end of the great ages. The ensuing age is always marked by a rebuilding period. This is the time when we find humanity living on the tops of mountains; as the flood waters recede, terrace farming is needed. The last time period of terrace farming sprang up was around 1500 B.C. so let's look at that period next and walk forward in time.

We left off with the date of 1500 BC (give or take) as the start of the rebuilding period. The Anunnaki/Elohim have been on Earth for over 400,000 years but we are concerned with the mystery schools as they apply towards gnosticism so this is where our age starts. If we count out 3,600 years we see the last Nibiru encounter as the one described in the biblical Great Flood around 5100 BC. Next is 8,700 then an important date --- 12, 300. This marked the "Fall of Atlantis" which we know was really the last remnant of a larger Kingdom. Graham Hancock has done a superb job of showing us how maritime maps (with meridian lines) copied from the libraries of Alexandria show Antarctica 2,000 miles to the north. We've all looked into Atlantis, but if you've ever gone beyond Ignatious Donnelly then you know that Prince Atlan's remaining refuge of the old age is the tip of an iceburg with many names... names like Lemuria and Mu among others. There are those among us who can truly say that they are the Atlanteans.... wake up and remember who we are!!! At this point a christian might pipe up and tell us that the number of years of the Biblical Generations add's up to a little over 10,500 years... let's not ignore them. The age of the greatest period of weathering uncovered on the sphinx is now supposed to have been a little over 10,500 years ago, although the Sphinx is supposed to be much older). This is also the corresponding age of the alignment of Orion's belt stars as exhibited in the layout of the 3 Great Pyramids. Someone wanted us to know that they existed back then. This someone was called Thoth the stonecutter and scribe. He left clues for us in stone and in myth, clues that would point the seeker to the doors of perception and beyond.

Some of us aren't quite there yet. We are skeptical and suspicious and rightly so. And this was a historical view of the gnostic mysteries, so I'll reign it in here. Around 1500 BC we see the world emerging from the last great world cataclysm. There is no set rule for world cataclysm. The Mayan 'Bible' called the Popal Vuh divides the recent Nibiru encounters into the ages of mankind, as do the Incan's, Aztec's, Hopi and any country who uses the Yuga as a calender system. Each passing of the '12th' planet causes grief; it doesn't always equal solar flare and Null-Time memory wipe.

The flood recedes. Terrace farming comes and goes, the people come back down from the mountains. 300 years pass, significant no doubt, but unimportant to the larger issue at hand --- Gnostic history! It was around 1200 BC when the Dorians swept down into Greece and smashed the great citadels of the Mycenaeans. The Ionic speaking Greeks were driven from their cities by the refugees into the sea. By 1000 BC the Dorian's had overrun the entire Greek mainland, except for a few enclaves. In the wilds of Arcadia, the mountainous region of central Peloponnesus, Mycenaeans clung to their ways. And across the isthmus from Peloponnesus, on the peninsula of Attica was the rising city of Athens, home of the Ionic Greek refugees. The Hellenistic revival around 900 BC marked the resurgence of Greece behind the city states of the pro-persian Athens and anti-persian Sparta among others.

The importance of connecting the gnostic thread to Greek history lies in the little secret that the Nag Hammadi codices were copied from much older Greek texts. The irony is that by this time the Coptics adhered to a Monophysite doctrine, a bird a different feather from many of the gnostic texts which they inherited. Later Gnostic Gurus would get caught up in ramifications of the newer editions to the library by a few revivalists. The impetus was usually the geopolitical power grab as when Valentine tried to become Pope (what a different world we would live in eh?) Or the more dangerous messiah-complex we witness in modern times by such Gnostics as Crowley, Hubbard or even Madame Blavatsky to a much smaller degree. Instead of allowing the seeker to peruse the library and gain gnosis through self-reflection these Guru wannabe's started hanging their blind interpretations in front of the knowledge. The very few groups calling themselves gnostic that even had a remote clue about the true original intent of the library are out there, but guard their gnosis for those seekers whom they deem worthy. Before the current postmodern revivalism and the Manichaean movement, the Ophites and their new children the Sethians, Blavatsky's Theosophical Society (sophists) Jung's Sermon's to the Dead, Hesse's Steppenwolf, Hubbards Thetans, Voegelin's Cabal, and especially Jonas' existentialistic tie-in we had only a few mystery schools on the Earth. These were mainly for children of the God's, human's not invited--- at least until the Essene's gave the Gnostics the green light to evangelize their known world.

The authors of the original Greek codices contained in the Nag Hammadi intended there to be 3 levels of insight obtained when ciphering the texts. The nature of the true history of humanity and the characters involved is the 1st level. The metaphorical allegory so eloquently touched on by Jonas and Blavatsky is the 2nd level, although the metaphorical database has been expanded a little by the quantum and post-quantum paradigms. The 3rd level of code is the mystical jackpot of El Durado... the holy Graal of the Quest.

Some ask, "What's it all about?" without knowing what they ask. The answer to their vague questions is the Quest for Transcendence of matter. After the math, the philo, the arts and the body/mind purification, every mystery school eventually gets around to Ascension. Immortality is the true answer. The true question is how to obtain it. The true author's of the Nag Hammadi aren't Coptic... the texts definitely lose something when read in Egyptian.

The true author's of the codices were the Essenes living at Waddi Qumran, the same folksies who gave us the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Essenes were a special group; through a library of collected former Aggadic (spoken) stories much larger than most think they disseminated the mystery cults long guarded gnosis in a Cliff-Notes version. For the first time the masses could go through the initiatory rites towards ascended masterhood and do this as quick as they could learn master the ropes; no more 13 years of initiatory schooling followed by the path towards the adept. For 300 years the Gnostics used this strategy to become a threat to every power base in the world. In a later post I'll touch on why this led to their downfall. The sad part of the story is when Rome, acting with the false authority of Peter's Key, began to seek out and destroy the Greek codices, along with the many young branches of the Christian Church. Those who had Greek versions were blessed, and doubly so if they understood the original message extent in the Greek versions before they were lost to the world. In the meantime the Essenes have given us this gift and then just disappeared into the mists of time again. In my next post we will look at the history of the Essenes and how it was through them that we (and the Greeks) are given the gift of the Greek language itself. We will further follow the historic path of the Greek's, but also we will look at the stories of how and when their written language came to be, who initiated it and what the author or author's were trying to tell us.

Through this look at history we will see that the roots of the Kabbalah lie in the same hands as the roots of nearly every alphabet especially including Greek. The artificers of these alphabets are subtle; they do not scream for recognition from the pages of history so we shall sleuth them out. We'll call this group the organization for now; suffice it to say that many of the great works of art history can be traced to them. noticethepresent

As Sitchen points out in his series of books about the Anunnaki, the Greek legends mirrored Sumerian epics composed well over a 1,000 years before. Sitchen does a credible job of linking the Sumerian culture with every ancient race who might have influenced the Greek's. In each culture the council of the God's is led by a Zeus figure: god of wind/storm/lightning/GreatBull. Directly under him there are always 12 god's who's rule represents a planet. The Hittites, the Aryan's or Hurrian's (always in a hurry, lol), the Canaanites, the Akkadians, and many more groups influenced the Greek's, but it is the Phoenicians who were the movers and shakers of their time, and all had their 12 god council.

When the half of Tiamet that became our Earth stripped the atmosphere of Mar's we are presented with a celestial rape story; we'll go back to this when we touch on the work of Jonas later on. Mar's is called Fenex; the Phoenician's are descended from survivors of this planet (Adama=Red Earth). We are constantly presented with a who's who list of the initiates who passed through the Schools of Thought in Egypt; next to Moses and Jesus we find Greek names like Pythagorus and Pliny. But just before the Greek Age we find the name Agenor of Phoenix in the initiatory records. He lived in Egyptian Thebe's and attended the mystery schools with his son Cadmus. Here was Agenor called to Kingship of Phoenicia. When Cadmus was sent to search for his sister Europa he would later resume his schooling under Iasion in Samothrace, where he is given his wife Harmonia 1, a female Anunnaki goddess from the Pleiades star system. While Agenor helped further the Phonetic language in the remnents of Tyre/Tryos (Lebanon) Cadmus and his mother Telephassa traveled the world with his many brothers and cousins looking for the sister/daughter. It was during this pursuit that Cadmus himself entered into kingship and decided his destiny was to teach the secrets of speech.

When Cadmus was told by the Delphic oracle to give up his search and build a city he went with the flow. Through the divination he was told to follow a wandering cow through Phocis (Corinth) until it dropped from exhaustion. This place turned out to be in a country called Boeotia. Cadmus promptly invaded with his Phoenician military and established Cadmia. When this town was eventually completed by King Amphion 1 it was renamed Thebes in honor of the Egyptian city from which the knowledge of Cadmus had been passed down. But was this the sole source of this gnosis? The Boeotian's were ruled at one time by King Ogygus, also known as Hermes. Cadmus frequently tells us that it is Hermes who keeps entering and influencing his life's journey, so let's take a further look. The Greeks called him Hermes Thrice Great One; if we look into the Gnostic texts we see in the infancy gospels that the misbehaving boy-Jesus is brought to Egypt where he is crowned the reincarnate Hermes. Hmmmmm. Through his union with Daira (one of the Oceanids) Hermes had 2 daughters who had Boeotian/Hyantean cities named after them and one son Eleusinus---called Eleusis in Attica.

After Cadmus and the Phoenicians conquored the Hyanteans and assimilated the Aonians (Ionians hint hint) he also defeated the Temmicans. These people lived in the area before the others; they told stories of the Caidmon Shephard who watched over his Kin---- the cattle of the sun. Later on we would learn that the Mayan's also call the sun Kin, and talk of the children of the sun who got burned as they passed through and FORGOT WHO THEY WERE. They claimed to be descended from the last of Neanderthal man... true European aboriginals. They held onto a branch of the mystery schools that had been passed on to them by the popular gnostic group in power at that time. This was a matriachy school taught by the lady Messene who founded Messenia in Peloponnesus, later to become known as our Athenian Greek refuge. The name for her followers were the Messenes. Her's was one of the few mystery schools that specialized in uniting the original 13 under one roof. The remnants of the Boeotian sect that Cadmus enountered in the Aonians/Ionians (the children of Hermes) called themselves the Ectenes. They had seemingly disappeared with the last flood, but their words live on in the Ionian Greek language.

We read in the story of Cadmus how he slew a dragon child of Ares- the God of Mar's or Phoenix. We know that there was a larger drama going on between Zeus and Typhon. Typhon is called a dragon, a lizard and a snake, but probably looked like an overgrown Komodo-Dragon. The Anunnaki were not strictly humanoid you see. The mason's contend that the NagaKing snake or dragon race is from Sirius, and that it is through Enki the Siriun that humanity was mainly created (RE: genetically altered) Sumerian texts show Enki warning the Sumerian version of Noah but speaking from behind a curtain in order to conceal his form. "Blessed are you John for you have seen my true form and not been afraid" ---Jesu ANYWAYZZZ, the point is that Cadmus got into trouble with Ares. Using the DNA of the dragon seed he altered the remnants of the Neander's, who quickly rose up to become nation states. He then encouraged war among them ala the gnostic demiurge (puppet master). When only 5 were left he gathered them together to teach these worthy man-titans (the SPARTI) the mysteries and harness their god-like powers to build Thebes and keep order. While the age of the Homeric epic was upon them, he wasn't interested in war anymore--- instead wanting to instigate Democracy. It is in Boeotian Thebe's that we find the first version of European Democracy, who's later full bloom during the Greek Hellenistic revival will be shown as directly linked with the Theban's, once again.

When the Dragon slaying drama had more or less played itself out, he got down to the business of creating alphabets. He would walk up to people and ask what they called a thing and why (called Phonetics wink wink) By building a database of consonants, vowels and the important silent spaces between he was able to complete the Phonetic language and begin adapting it to whichever culture he wished. When the Essene's enunciate their vowels and silent space's we are observing the original Ohmmm language of the Logos. Through his mastery of the written word he was able to begin writing the worlds first play's. It was the Essene's who reintroduced the world to Mumming: the art of dance, song and acting in presenting a moral parable. And it was in his plays and stories that he was able to encode secret messages about who the god's were, what the threat was to mankind, and how to avoid it BY ASCENSION.

Kad=Katta=Kabba=Kabbal=Kabbalah Cad=Catta=Cabba=Cabbal=Cabbalah

Kadmon = Cadmon = Caidmon = Cadmian or man from Thebes

Hmmmm. When we look further we find that Jesu stuck around for 56 years, and traveled the world often referring to himself as the Caidmon. We've all seen the Greek vases with the nubile Theban athlete's racing around. Cadmus taught the Thebans all of the foundations of mind-purity we find in Theosophy but also taught purity of body through athletics. The Essenical doctrines of Jesu that are today finding the light refer to the athletic body as the temple (admit it we're jealous). They practiced Holistic eating for body-purity and were strict vegetarians. The Thebans would frequently jog en masse one village to another for the purpose of serenading; Essenes placed great worth on the power of music as magic. They taught each other the arts of Pan concerning musical instraments and singing. They taught each other the art of dancing; Jesu was frequently found mumming out his parables with song, dance and acting. The modern Essenes of the middle east are shown as dour and serious (sirius?) souls. But the Essenes of Cadmia were ecstatically joyful and fulfilled. One of the reasons was the fact that, while they didn't discourage marriage, they wanted to concentrate on Tantric sex as a tool for ascension so they were encouraged to pair up or at least participate in group sex. For later gnostics this meant a free ticket to constant orgies... the original meaning was lost (more on this later). The Essenes were encouraged to practice quickening the Kundalini, Prana Breathing, Chakra Unity, Mer-Ka-Ba expansion and of course,,,, ascension!! We know that Jesus had a sexual relationship with Mary M. up until he first ascended after "dying". Last but certainly not least is the big Essene secret--- the real tools for ascension. I'll go into greater detail on a later post, but for now let's just visualize copious drug use, albeit specific doses of specific plants for specific purposes. When we see Jesus shown as the Lord of the Plants invariably we can look to see that it is a pyschotropic plant represented.

Cadmus is supposed to have taught Melampus 1: the excellent soothsayer. He was the son of Melampus, son of Amythaon, son of Cretheus, son of Aelus. Melampus 1 spread the Cadmian/Phonetic/Ionian/Essene alphabet and language throughout Greece, as well as the name of Dionysus 2-- the worship of this name, the ever important phallic procession and the prophetic arts. Orpheus thinks that Dionsysus2 was Osiris and was really Cadmus' son. Others say that Semele begat Dionsyses2 by Virgin Birth (more common than you believe) through Zeus in Egyptian Thebes.

These events happened around 200 years before the 10 year Trojan War fought around 1200 BC. So when the Dorians bumrushed the Mycenaean's in 1200 and drove the Ionic speaking people into the sea, it was really the Cadmon's Theban assimilation of the Aonian's in 1400 BC we must remember. The Phoenicians and later the Dorians and Greek's were allowed to grow due to the power vacuum created when Egypt suffered it's post flood decline of the 2nd intermediate Kingdom around 1540 BC.... coincidence? The Greek's always said that it was the Hellenistic re-emergence which brought the written word to the masses. Let's look at how this was brought about and advance the timeline a little further. So far we have advanced from the end of the last flood, through the rebuilding, and into the founding era of the Greek's and their beautiful language (so important to the gnostic's to understand) from 1400 BC to 900 BC. I've shown you how the mysteries were passd on to Cadmus while he stayed in the Egyptian Thebes, what I didn't show you yet was who was teaching him the mysteries. After the flood the mortal pharaohs of the New Kingdom came and went. The divine order of kingship (Anunnnaki DNA) was slipping through the sands of time. It was decided that a Virgin Birth would be instigated through Queen Tiye and Amenophis 3. When the holy child was raised up he briefly shared the Kingship with his father, a first in Egyptian history. Theirs was a special rule for other reasons. Democracy was instituted as much as possible. The military was reigned in and not allowed to attack anyone, and the whole religious structure of Egypt was thrown out. In order to save their country from idolatry the father and son forced monotheism onto the masses. The mysteries were starting to become known by the masses as the team adopted the sun as the symbol for this new one-god (sun=mushroom nimbus hint hint). The boys name? King Akhenaten, who called himself Amenhophis 4: the ruler of Thebes. It is the tragedy of Tyre that drove Cadmus and Agenor to live in Egyptian Thebes: ancient city of Amun. One last round of Anunnaki kingship for the world!! While Cadmus was introducing the mystery schools in Boeotia and Thrace, Akhenaten and Nerfertiti were continuiing a revival in Egypt that would last through the end of the 18th, the 19th and the 20th Dynasties before dying out with the end of the 21st Dynasty in 946 BC.

A quick summery of world history leaves us with the impression that the Phoenicians will never go away. The Semite sea people have been a force for 3,000 years, but by 900 BC they had reached a pinnacle. The royal line of the planet Phoenix dresses in purple-- a royal custom. One definition of Phoenicia is purple dye, and the word Canaan is also associated with purple. The Phoenician's under Agenor and Cadmus created many textile products, which they added to the cedar and pine lumber that they traded to the rest of the world. So important was this wood to Amun that he moved his Sun-Disc temple to southern Lebanon and built the city of Byblos there. By this time Amun/EL is old; he hasn't exactly abandoned Egypt, but he has other interests, including keeping an eye on the children of Abraham. In Byblos he trades Phoenician Cedar for Egyptian Papyrus. He then takes this paper and orders his scribes to create books. EL is leaving his quarreling children on Earth (the Biblical Zophim, or Son's of God) and wishes to give humanity a gift of knowledge. He has already given Moses the tablets of destiny called the Book of Life, or the Torah. The "Seals" of the Bible Code are just beginning to be ciphered now that we have computers to help with the skip-gap sequencing (ELS) ciphering method. It was this circumstance that led the Greeks to adopt the name of the city as their word for book... from Byblos eventually came the Anglish word Bible. EL only wishes to give this knowledge to the masses, with the hopes that the worthy seekers will decipher the Code. Hence our first tool of evangelizing and the secret of the 13th School of Thought/Thoth was put to use: the written word. Women pass on knowledge through their DNA, men through signs, words and writing. The Tyreians down the Lebanese coast were the first to jump at the chance to learn the mysteries, and now we know why Agenor and family emmigrated to Amun's Egyptian hometown of Thebe's----- to complete their training in ascension.

It is in 1000 BC that we mark an important date in gnostic history. Upon being crowned King, David recieves a goodwill diplomacy offer from King Hiram of Tyre. Once again Tyre is making waves, only this time they will last throughout the 'End of Time'. The story of the building of the Temple of Jerusalem is best told by the Masonic and Templar revealer's. There are some things that are better left found out for oneself, but suffice it to say that many western contemporary mystery schools have adopted the legend of King Solomon's Temple as a central motiff. If one digs around they can find out who Hiram (or Chiram) Abif was (King Seqenenre Tao 2?), or Jubelo. How he relates to King Hiram, the cult of Hiram (the lion), and King Solomon is for you to decide. Some good books to start with might be "The Hiram Key" by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas,,,,, or "Genisis: The First Book of Revelations" by David Wood,,,, or even "Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail" by Tim Wallace-Murphy & Marilyn Hopkins. Good luck. Around the Temples completion in 960 BC, King Solomon buys a Phoenician Navy fleet from Hiram and stations it in Aqaba on the Red Sea. He uses this fleet to become rich by first sending it to Ophir.

In 900 BC we find the Olmecs building their colossal heads and in Ohio, the Adena's building their Earth mounds. The Phoenicians have ranged the planet at this point, their ships are later found in Bay's in South America and stories linking them with Pacal Votan (who was probably from Tripoli) abound in Palenque. South American Cocaine and North American Tobacco and Maize are carried to Egypt. And in Greece, the Spartan's carry the Ionic dialect to the Peninsula and beyond marking 800 BC as the synthesis of this language. The gift of Literacy to the masses meant gnosis was no longer limited to professional scribes. For the first time, a common language was used as a bridge between all others, we're not surprised that the first impetus behind this transfer of knowledge was business, it was only behind the scenes that the Phonetic language was used to expand the mystery schools. Thoth told us there are only two things that last: stone and story.

In the 8th century the knowledge of the mystery schools came head to head as the Spartans first attacked Laconia and then the Messene's. The irony being that the Spartans claim to gnosis was both Cadmus and Hermes' Ectenes--- a direct offshoot of the Messenian Mystery School! We can only laugh when reading how both Phalanxes broke out in the same songs when marching on each other.... imagine the confusion! heheheeee

In 750 BC Amun establishes one of his last cities on Earth. The builder of Jebel Barkal was King Piankhy; the Meroitic Kingship of Nubian Kush was established at the beginning of the iron age. In 701 Assyian King Sennacharib attacks Hezzekiah in Jerusalem; by 612 Assyria has fallen. In 587 King Nebuchadnezzar 2 from Babylon invades Jerusalem and enslaves the Jews, whereon he turns towards Tyre for a 13 year siege. While the Persians begin their rise, Herodotus informs us that the Phoenicians continue to sail around the Cape Horn and explore the New World. With their advancement of the written word and Avataric or Vedic Age is dawned. Gnosis abounds as we enter a new liturary age of humanity.

In 1000 BC the Aryans carry their philosophy eastward from the Indus region towards the Ganges Plain and a new paradigm is born a watershed of intellectual achievement. For the first time the Horsemen are settling in one place. Their new leisure lifestyle affords them plenty of time to contemplate to finish writing down the campfire stories collected between 1500 and 900 BC... and thus are born the Veda's or Books Of Knowledge. At the end of the Vedic age around 800 BC are born the esoteric Upanishad's: dialogues and thoughts of ascetic sages recorded for the Aryan ritual of ceasless repetition (yawn). We think that Zoroaster/Zarathustra was born around 700 BC as a Bactrian. We think Isaiah was born around this time as well. Mahavira is born in 599 and goes on to found Jainism. Siddhartha Gautama is born 563 BC and becomes the Buddha. Confucius is born in 551 and leaves a set of laws which prevail to this day. In 539 BC the Persians destroy Babylon, liberating the Jews for a return once more to Jerusalem.

Meanwhile what is happening to Greeks during this liturary age? Nothing special... they were just busy uniting in a communal synthesis of spiritual lucidity, that's all. Remember--- the goal of every quest is ascension. The Greeks realized this as a group starting around the 6th century BC. Every School of Thought was united in the same quest: to find the best way for ascension. Endless debate ensued on countless related issues which in turn became a golden wave of liturgy that washes over our shores of perception to this day. In the next posting I'll look into the direct history of the group that called themselves the first gnostics, as we understand the term. We will look into the first hints of a 14th School of Thought that had emerged through the Essenes. For the first time the Essenes were made to understand the full history and potential of humanity. Political enmities were overcome and they revealed themselves for a brief moment in time as the first Christian Church of Jerusalem.

So far our mindset's have been challenged a little or a lot; instead of sticking my neck out I'll mainly let the first gnostic's tell their own story for a turn.

 We are looking at the history of gnosticism with the hopes that contemporary gnostic's can lay down their assumptions about their Schools of Thought (Thoth). We left off at the dawn of the Greek Liturary Age. We have roughly traced the Greek alphabet through Cadmus and Agenor of Phoenicia who created the Phonetic alphabet. These two learned writing from a mystery school in Egyptian Thebes. The Dragon's teeth that Cadmus planted in Boeotia have by now begun to be assimilated into the larger Greek landscape. Their soldiers brought the Phalanx to the world, their scribes have advanced a Greek alphabet (adding several letters to the Phonetic), and through the vehicle of lituracy the masses are intoduced to the first Gnostic's: the Sophist's. Nearly 700 years later, the term Gnostic would be used by the last compilers/caretakers of the Hermetica as an insult against the Essene's Church of Jersusalem. But at this time the Hermetic Ectene's come back into the female fold of Messene mystery schools; the women boycott the War-of-Swords and the War-of-Words begins, heheheee. Mainly concerned with advancing as many people to the transcendent state as quickly as possible, these thinktanks engaged the process of enlightenment with their left brain's a'blazin... and thus we are left with a fair to middlin archived A-cad-eme for our modern perusal.

I mentioned the Dionysus-Osiris-Cadmus connection, hinting at the spring festival of Demeter/Kore and the Green Man as the true source of the tragic-drama. In the 6th century Thespis becomes the first playwright to record the Essenian Mummer's skits adapted for Greece and thus the word Thespian is born. Before him Homer (850BC?) wrote of the dawn of the Heroic Era, marking the fall of Troy as the starting point of the Golden Age. Mumming became vogue... people liked gathering whether it's plays, voting or the olympics (750?). Sappho of Lesbos (we love saying that), Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes and Herodotus lead us into appreciation for the Heroic god's on one level, while on another they hint that they are really saying something else. Remember the 3 levels of Gnosis: Historical (Hero's/Anunnaki), Metaphorical (Jung), Mathematical. The dramatists are writing about the historical, secretly the metaphorical and eventually they turn to the mathematical. The age of the Philosopher-Scientist between 600 and 450 BC brings us men such as Thales, Xenophanes, Pythagoras, Parmenides, Heraclitus, Melissus, Empedocles, Leucippus and Democritus. When the left-brained thinkers were influenced by the right-brained mystery school of Messene they got flustered. They begin grasping for the meaning of it all through both sides of their brains. When they begin to stumble, the remerged Hermetic Ectenes/Messene's immediately answer as their latest incarnation: the Sophists.

>From "The Rise and Fall of Ancient Worlds" by Herbert Wender:


"In the middle of the 5th century BC there arouse in Athens a group of teachers called Sophists who gave instuctions on a variety of subjects including general culture, rhetoric, politics and debating. They also trianed young men (and women2) how to succeed in the world by learning to speak well, develop their intellectual power, to become intelligent, wise and clever. Traditional religion and conventional morals were omitted from their curriculem and the philosophical notions which they intoduced and disseminated came to be known as sophism or adroit, sublte reasoning. They asserted that all the early philosophers of Greece had been wasting their time, serving no useful purpose, in searching for the origin and nature of the universe, seeking knowledge for the sake of knowledge, seeking facts that cannot be verified by evidence. Nothing exists which cannot be percieved by the senses. Furthermore everthing is relative to time, place, ant to the individual person involved; there are no absolute truths or eternal, universal standards of right, justice, truth, beauty and morality for all cases. Man in his particular situation or environment, at any particular time, must decide what is wise for him to think or do; man is the judge of right conduct; man is the measure of all things; man is the center of the universe. There is no fate, no predetermined course of events; man's will is free and belief in the gods is unreasonable. Some Sophists were pragmatic, others utilitarian, some advocated the pursuit of pleasure and others maintained that in acutal practice might is always right. In spite of their individualism, skepticism and relativism the Sophists were generally progressive in their point of view as they condemned war, slavery, and the racial discrimination and favored freedom of speech and the rights of the common man. Above all they stimulated thought. The consevatives, however, were afraid that widespread liberalism and superficial sophistication among the callos Greek youth would undermine traditional morals and beliefs and lead to atheism, anarchy and chaos. They insisted that the masses and the immature must have absolute standards or organized society would PERISH" {dun dun dun duuuuunnnn..... we've all heard this record before}.

The conservative humanistic schools of thought took up the fight behind men like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.... at least this is what we are told. We know of the 3 levels of gnosis however, and thus are usually {grin} on the lookout for what all this philo-sophi-zing might be getting at between the lines. Toward the end of the 4th century BC the Greeks began to lose self-confidence, pride, patriotism, religious and political faith. The Hellenistic age reached it's zenith between 323 and 133 BC. As it started to decline, Greek and Oriental cultures began to merge; existentialism was added to an already confused mix. The Sophist's were a beacon of light during a darkening age. Hedonism was the rage; Cyrenaics brings us the word cynics. They would compete with the Epicureans for the best orgy in town, while Zeno's stoics were busy making themselves miserable with advocacy of emotional repression to go along with their call for monotheism.

All this history is nice, but we want to gno about what the Sophists were saying about ascension. Here are some of their own words--- (big thanks to doncardoza)

Eternity is the dominion of a child. Immortals take on mortality, mortals immortality. Fire alone is the principle of all things; generation is an ascending road of volatilization, and decomposition is a descending road of fixation. Man's Daemon is his destiny. --- Heraclitus (540-475 BC)

In the beginning, the Sphere of existence was dominated by Love, and the four elements were in balance. Then, Strife arose, and it scattered the elements and dissolved the Sphere. Love and Strife rise and fall in a continuous cycle in the Vortex. If man can repair the rupture of the elements, a second Sphere will form and he will become immortal. When, released from the body, you ascend to the free ether, you will become an immortal god, escaping death. --- Empedocles (493-433 BC)

The true philosophers and they alone are always most eager to release the soul, and just this -- the release and separation of the soul from the body -- is their study... In fact, then, the true philosophers practice dying, and... other people are likely not to be aware that those who pursue philosophy aright study nothing but dying and being dead. --- Socrates (469-399 BC)

And it appears that those men who established the Mysteries were not unenlightened, but in reality had a hidden meaning when they said long ago that whoever goes uninitiated and unsanctified to the other world will lie in the mire, but who arrives there initiated and purified will dwell with the gods. For as they say in the Mysteries, the thrysus-bearers are many, but the mystics are few; and these mystics are, I believe, those who have been true philosophers. --- Plato (427-347 BC)

There are stages in the soul's ladder of ascent. The first includes purification, the freezing of the soul from the body, and the practice of the cardinal virtues. In the second the soul rises above sense-perceptions to Nous through contemplation. A third and higher stage, already ineffable, leads to union with Nous. Finally there is the climax of the whole ascent in mystical and acstatic union with the One. The soul, entering the body of the heaven-opened world, bestows life and immortality. --- Plotinus (205-270 AD)

I went to sleep, and I saw a sacrificing priest standing before me at the top of an altar in the form of a bowl. This altar had 15 steps leading up to it. Then the priest stood up and I heard a voice from above saying to me, I have accomplished the descent of the 15 steps of darkness and the ascent of the steps of light and it is he who sacrifices, that renews me, casting away the coarseness of the body; and being consecrated priest by necessity, I become a spirit. No bond can be made without method. It is a natural method, breathing in and breathing out, keeping the arrangements of the method, increasing or decreasing them. When all things, in a word, come to harmony by division and union, without the methods being neglected in any way, the nature is transformed. For the nature being turned upon itself is transformed. --- Zossimos (250-300 AD)

The modern gnostic will want to know where the first use of the word gnostic popped up. The Sophists used the word gignoskein or gnosia to describe their loose philo-sophical system of learning. The Massenes kept telling them that they had the answers all along.... they just needed to REMEMBER WHAT THEY HAD FORGOTTEN.

My condition exactly as I berate myself for not realizing the significance of once finding negative references to the "gnostics" by the last compilers/keepers of the Hermetica (the search continues-- keep ya posted). They talked of 3 warring sects of Christians not realizing that they described the Essene's Church of Jerusalem; the sub-Church of the Egyptian Coptics; and the anal retentive gentile Christian Church started by the EXCOMMUNICATED Paul and the male chauvenist Peter.

We've followed the Greek language for roughly 1500 years. I have indicated that there is a buried code extent in all root language's, and that nearly every one might be the result of a group of individual's I jokingly called 'the organization'. I've indicated that this hidden code always talks of the 3 levels of gnosis. In other words we find history, metaphor and mathematics buried within the original language of the gnostics as well as the Greek language itself. In the next posting we'll look at the big picture of the mystery school system. We are interested in who might be responsible for starting the tradition of bettering mankind.

Our next level of the big picture is a mind-leap. And it only gets better after that in what I hope to be my last few postings on the history of Gnosticism. By the time I'm done, you will realize that I've only very vaguely touched upon most of the "secrets" of post-modern gnosticism and other nameless groups. If I can show every group it's common beginning, perhaps we can unite in common purpose--- Sisters and Brothers, meet 3 more R's: Re-claiming our right to knowledge from the powers that be (peacefully) Re-establishing the mystery school tradition REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE

..... and ascension of course.

We left off with an introduction of the Sophists around the 5th century BC. I had earlier mentioned that the Coptic Church was an extension of the Church of Jerusalem started by the Sophist Essenes (we'll go into this more later). To be more specific both of this groups were started in a rare collaberation between RA and Thoth. While the Messenian's and Ectenes were busy merging in Greece the Coptic's are emerging in Egypt as an extension of the same Theben Mystery School system which Agenor and Cadmus attended a thousand years earlier. Those of you who were taught that it was the Mosaic alphabet that descended to the Greeks are only somewhat mistaken. It's estimated that Moses lived around 1250 BC which would place him in the same timeline as Cadmus. At nearly the exact same time Cadmus was bringing the Phonetic (Phoenician) alphabet to a newly conquered Greece, Moses was doing the exact same thing with 600,000 Hebrew's wandering around in the desert. The connection is the Egyptian Mystery Schools they had both attended.

The impetus behind the gift of writing to the masses was a strange collaboration between Thoth and Set; and strange only because these two were supposed to be enemies. I am amused to see the montage of folksies who so vehemently defend their understandings of Gnosticism. I don't mind the dharma (uh-huhhh), it's good for me! Part of my reward is to see a silly cabal formed by such a diverse group of seekers. The Zen-Heads, all manner of Gnostics, and the Son's of Set banding together? Gotta luv ya'all!! The Son's of Set and the Gnostic's were once mortal enemies. The drama of humanity basically falls into two camps: Anu vs Alalu. This drama get's played out through the children of these two Big-Dog's such as Enki vs Enlil, then their son's Ninurta and Marduk. Our modern drama is an extension of these ancient Galactic Politics played out between Seth, Osiris, Horus, Isis, and Thoth among other's. When the Son's of Set call for the Gnostics to follow them they are calling your attention to the fact that Set has passed down knowledge inherited by Adam. This is important stuff, for it is the war between Horus and Seth which FIRST inlisted Mankind in the war of the god's begun on Nibiru between Anu and Alalu. It is the Son's of Set who hold the last copies of several 'lost' texts, including the Book of Jashar, the Book of Straightness and the Book of the Wars of Yahweh. The irony of Setian's and Gnostic's standing side by side lies in their allegiance's--- Setian's are allied to Marduk and Enki and the Gnostic's ridicule Marduk as Sakle'.... the blind snake-god wandering the world. The Gnostic's will tell you that the God who warned Noah was the creator god and label him the Demiurge, when in fact Enki was merely a selfish Anunnaki who led a rebellion in the South African gold mines before discovering that the primates could be genetically altered into a slave race. Androgenous, they needed to be cloned and worked the mines for at least 100,000 years!!! Talk about singin the blues---

I wouldn't exactly fall down groveling and pissing on myself if any of these beings walked into the room, but some seem to have an acute need to deify power. Ultimately we are concerned with ascension, whereby we attain a greater kind of immortality than even the Anunnaki did, but now we will just continue concentrating on the history of gnosticism from a historical aspect.

During the Anunnaki rebellion Enlil rescued the slaves and brought them to the garden city/space station called E.Din in Mesopotamia. There the Adamites were given the ability to procreate. Enki decided to give the Adamites the gift of knowledge, continuing the process of evolving mankind started in the gold mines. It was in these mines that the first human writing was found!!!

When Nibiru returns around 12,500 BC Enlil realizes that this pass-by will cause a great flood on the Earth. He is disapointed at what mankind has accomplished in a place called Atlantis and vows not to warn them of the impending disaster. This is the 3rd time the Anunnaki have allowed mankind to perish (out of fear I believe). The last deluge occured with an island continent called Lemuria, but I digress. Once again it is Enki who warns humanity, so as to save a remnant. The Atlantean's continue the Naakal mystery school program to ascend as many people as possible before the Flood. This era of humanity marks the revealing of the secrets of immortality!!! It also marks a cooperation between RA-Marduk and Thoth, brother's of Anunnaki descent who co-start the Tat Brotherhood, which survives the Fall of Atlantis to continue in Egypt. They are a direct extension of the Naakal Mystery School started on Lemuria by Enki. Two of his students Ay and Tiya lead the Naakal's on Atlantis. Two of the beings associated with this time are Set and Osiris.

Confused yet? Try studying the Sumerian Timeline compiled by Zecharia Sitchin---- http://www.crystalinks.com/nibiru.html

So the Setians say that Enki was the father of mankind, and the Christians say that Enlil was. They are both right and wrong as we (perhaps) can see. The issue of where the primates originally came from has been briefly touched upon. The Gnostic's are on a tangent we don't understand until we investigate the person called Thoth, who I have revealed as the founder of our present mystery school system, called the Schools of Thoth. To understand why he is so essential to understanding the history of gnosticism we must turn to Sitchin's newest book called The Cosmic Code pg 55-56.

Here we read that Enki's principle son and successor in Egypt was RA, also called Marduk. Enki, also called Ptah, had another son with Ereshkigal (Enlil's granddaughter) who was called Ningishzidda, or THOTH: keeper of divine secret knowledge, heavenly scribe and messenger of the god's. Thoth has various names including Hermes and QuatzlCoatle. Other son's included Nergal, Gibil, Ninagal, and Dumuzi. While Enki and Enlil were cooperating in the re-civilization after the Atlantian deluge Marduk was planning his rulership. Because of the practice of marriage between sisters and brothers there might be something to the occasional practice of seeing Thoth as the brother of Set, but not Osiris (who were half brothers). The possiblity is that Ptah/Enki knew a daughter of Ra, making Thoth a brother of his sister's son Set. These issues constantly confused the council of the god's so don't feel too special. The fact remains that we find Ra complaining to Father Enki that, although they were both made immortal by their Father (some say around 50,000 BC in Atlantis), only Thoth had been given the secrets to xeno-genesis Enki had garnered with his long experiments on our primate ancestors. <<page 101, Cosmic Code>>. Thoth has to use these skills often. In 9330 Set kills Osiris, Thoth extracts his DNA, removes 2 strands, impregnates Isis and Horus is born. Some say that this is Osiris himself; he who gains immortality cannot be killed. Thoth/Hermes merely grows another body for him to inhabit. In 3400 Thoth revives his brother Dumuzi, who has been killed by their brother Ra-Marduk.

When the Gnostic's call the wandering blind snake god the creator they are actually referring to several seperate events all pinned on one family line, that of Enki. When Set escapes Horus (after blinding him in one eye) he centers on Asia, the Sinai an Canaan. His father Ra-Marduk will soon transfer leadership to Thoth, calling him the "place taker" in 8700 BC. What follows is a beautiful example of the way the mystery school system is supposed to work. Mankind is enlightened and many continue to ascend to immortality through the Tat Brotherhood. This is the transfer of knowledge which got the Nephalim, or the Son's of God in trouble as it's partly told in the Bible, Zohar, Popal Vuh, Koran, Upanishads etc etc etc. When Marduk returns in the next passing of Nibiru in 5100 BC he found a totally different planet and started complaining to the Eld-gods about the evolution of mankind "Who will remember us in our old age?" asks the Forefathers in the Popal-Vuh. He begins planning a power grab, seeing his rightful place as ruler of Earth due to his royal lineage. The human kingships have been established, but Ra still thinks that it should all return to the old days of the great and terrible Anunnaki Giants and their supplicants the groveling mortals lickin their godly toe-jam from their sandal's. He builds a new space port naming it Bab-ili-- the Gateway of the Gods sometimes called Babylon. The war surrounding this tower marks the war of Shine'ar which is talked about in the Popal Vuh, the Ramayana and the Upanishad's. His coup frustrated, Marduk returns to Egypt and sends Thoth into exile. Thoth takes his followers and turns up in the Yucatan with the name QuatzlCoatle. Marduk himself is sentenced to die in the Great Pyramid, but escapes and begins his own exile, wandering the Earth as the crazy snake-god. Enki, Enlil, Anu, Inaana, Nergal, Nabu and others fight up until 2024 BC, when the Great ALL WISE Anunnaki approve the use of Nuclear weapons against the Spaceport cities. This nuclear battle is talked about in the Upanishad's, the Popal Vuh and the American Indian (Hopi etc) histories. The nuclear cloud drifts over Sumer killing the whole land and it's ancient civilization. Thoth is increasingly in the background as he advises the mystery schools to hide themselves from view.

One of the secrets of the mystery schools is that there are different ways to immortality, the process surrounding the Eleusinian Mystery/resurrection Cults of Demeter/Kore/Io/Persephone/Dionysus/Osiris/Bachus/Dumuzi/Christ/Votan/Zeus -Soter/QuatzlCoatle/Arthurian rebirth ceremonies is that you have actually died and come back into your dead body. Some say that, once immortal you are able to create your own body as in the Virgin Birth... or you may also choose to freshen up your old one for repossesion. The difference between this process, called RESURRECTION and not ASCENSION is that with ascension, the death of one's body is a more metaphorical than grotesque.

The Seth vs Horus drama plays itself out in the last 10,000 years, whereas the Gnostic's hold forth a belief system which talks about the creation of the Universe at large. The Sumerian King Lists of Nibiru list a long line of parentage before Anu and Alalu (23 sets) The Gnostics merely trace the lineage further back (much further). When the postmodern gnostics talk of the 2 children of the lion-headed snake god Yaldabaoth as the lion and the snake they are talking about the two battle standards for the Anunnaki rulership associated with this star system. Gnosticism goes beyond Solar or even Galactic politics to mention Universe Creationism,,, perhaps we'll touch on this later. I've mentioned that the Elohim/Anunnaki and Nephalim were not the only beings to interact with mankind. But the lion and the snake, or the dragon are important icon's to remember (moreso than dolphin's, lol) Before (and if) we peek at the interpretations of postmodern Gnosticism we need to finish the story of it's foundations. This last part of the story is the introduction to the original metaphorical aspects of Sophist Gnosticism we need in order to make the transfer between history and metaphor as a vehicle towards "transcending matter" or Ascension. Message? We're almost done!!! We've saved the best for last. I have been careful to not paint these characters with the sterotypical brush of history as we know it. Please notice that nowhere have I proclaimed Set to be Satan. It seem like most of the bad-guys have taken turns illuminating mankind (when they weren't killing us off).

I first said Thoth and Set, then Thoth and RA collaborated to create the Tat Brotherhood. It was the latter two. One of the reasons Thoth has been around so long as a 'messenger of the gods' is his neutrality. He ever strives to --become-- wisdom as it's been said. Another point I'm told I can make is that, when looking at the brotherhood of Thoth and Set we can mention another tenant of certain sects of gnosticism and Setianism. Set's parentage. All I can say is that there is a possibility that Enki not only activated the self-awareness gene in the Adamites, he might have known Eve sexually. After Cain killed Abel the Bible claims that God gave Adam and Eve a replacement named Seth. Like other strange births mentioned in various accounts Seth at times exhibited glowing eyes and Angelic powers. Adam also claimed it wasn't his child, to which Eve is said to have pinned the whole thing on Enki the snakegod, saying he raped her. Other accounts sneer at this as a frame-up either to protect her virtue or an ongoing relationship with Enki. Still others claim that the Virgin Birth is a misunderstood process and more common than people realize; they say that Eve, like Mary, concieved through Astral Sex and therefore divine love and not rape. When thinking of Astral Sex, the swimming pool scene from Cocoon wouldn't be too far off.

Adam and Eve were in a compound governed by Enlil, who was at war with Enki during the recent Anunnaki Revolution. Yet it is Enki's son Ra-Marduk who is seen as the father or creator of Adam and Eve. Perhaps Ra was on Enlil's side and not his father's during the war. Perhaps Enlil invited Ra to show off what Enki had taught his son about genes and DNA splicing... resulting in the seperation of the androgynes into two sexes. My guess is that RA had simply taken over the rulership of the city (and it's garden's hehehe). Genesis says the Elohim (shining ones) are the Creator's. "Let US create in OUR image". Sorry, but the point was while Seth's mother was Eve, his father seemed to be of divine origin. The fact that Enki is almost ALWAYS represented as having a reptilian, snake-like or dragon-like body mirrors Gnostic texts which claim Satan and Eve were an item. We also hear about Adam's first wife Lilith, and how she and Satan got it on. But enough conjecture. We're get back to the Gnostic trail and the path to ascension.

In order to wrap this up we need to look at the last timeframe BC which is yet to be investigated---- the founding of the Mystery School system that started us off!! Cadmus, Agenor, Moses, Solomon, Sapho, Osiris, Set, Thoth, Jesus, John the Baptist, Pythagorus, Plato... the names of the attendants of the Egyptian Universities are prestigious. Those who were chosen for kingship were sent to these schools; this is why Akhenaten's fellow kings wrote so many notes to him and each other as "Brother". Those initiates who were deemed worthy--- those who had mastered certain tests advanced to the next class in the system. The program included 13 schools in all and full "graduation" meant ascending and becoming immortal... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

After the Fall of Atlantis Thoth convinced Enlil that they had committed a horrible mistake. All of the Anunnaki cooperated in the raising of human consciousness; it was a long road. The first god's to return to the Nile Delta and Yucatan reported widespread cannibalism. Even the Anunnaki's children the Nephalim and Gibberum who rode the storm out experienced an accompanying memory loss acutely described by the Mayan's during Solar+Earth Pole Shift. Because of the loss of memory and history Thoth writes down "The 42 Books of Thoth" with 2 addendum's to the main body, the first post-Atlantis writing. An ambitious plan to build pyramid's or other 'energy collectors' over planetary Mer-Ka-Ba nodal centers is started; the completed planetary grid (including nearly every stone Megalith in the world) would recreate the magnetic Mer-Ka-Ba grid lines present before the last Earth Pole shift. The problems that started soon after reverberated through time from then until this present day. Humanity would see these incredible stone cities, temples, pyramids, megaliths etc. and wonder the same things we all have: what manner of being did this and why?

The Anunnaki who were initially in charge of the construction or operation of these sites and of watching over the cities (Zophim=Watchers) became deified by Humanity. Even though these were mostly real beings, the metaphor which had been honorably assigned to their names was lost on the masses. They were simply god's and must be worshiped (sigh). In Egypt these were called neter's; 44 were chosen to represent the Genetic keys unlocked by each of the Chromosones necessary for ascension (our FIRST official look at the math behind the metaphor). Unfortunately the meanings of Thoth's teachings were lost, especially after Egypt was divided again for Osiris+Set. Each country had their own versions of the 44, so 88 gods were roaming around confusing the issue (reminds me a little of Hinduism).

The Tat Brotherhood was well meaning, but the discipline of the earlier Atlantaen and Lemurian Naakal schools were lost. AS TODAY, secrecy was the norm and usually with good reason. And just as today, the ascended masters have a job to do: bring as many people to ascension as possible, as quickly as possible, so that meant the end of all related secrets. Ascend today! You have Eternity to become a Master!! The program was not working; the masters knew that humanity had forgotten what they already learned in Lemuria and Atlantis. The information was already in the communal Akashic database, they would just need to get more aggressive in teaching it.

And that meant putting a stop to nearly 7,000 years of secrecy. The god's had to reestablish the School they had used for their own children, only this time it would be a School for the common man. They needed to reinforce the Hundredth Monkey concept of ascension, by planting seeds in the Akashic memory of the road to Christ-consciousness; they did this all over the world. But in Egypt, this Christ-conscious person would become King. This meant breaking all the rules. The story as paraphrased starting pg 135 of the "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek-------

The ascended masters sent Thoth to approach the king of that period, Amenhotep2. Thoth conveyed the gravity of the situation, telling the king that the passing of Nibiru a hundred years prior and the one after (around 2012?) could combine to totally destroy the Earth without enough masters to activate the Megalithic Mer-Ka-Ba foci. They needed conscious thought to bring them online and the Anunnaki would or could not help. Humanity must save itself. And besides, if enough human masters could ascend, there would be what is called a CRUCIAL MASS and the human-group at large would start to ascend back up the ladder. Man who had Fallen would be raised up again.

Amenhotep2 agreed to NOT allow his son become king; instead there would be this outside king of divine origin. Next they went to Ay and Tiya... (remember them?) and asked them to have two more divine children. I won't explain Virgin Birth other than to say that you don't have to be a virgin to concieve this way, and if you do, it is said that all 3 of you become immortal. Ay and Tiya had a baby with an active 46+2 Chromosone count, 2 more than you or I use. He became Amenhotep3 (1386 BC) who mated with an unknown (not his wife Tuya) to produce the divine child Amenhotep4 (1350 BC), also known as Akhenaten. Meanwhile, Ay and Tiya had another divine child, their daughter Nerfertiti. Akhenaten and Nefertiti are wed as children, becoming King and Queen of Egypt. And a the seeds of a new paradigm are sown; a grand Galactic experiment is born!! Amenhotep3 and Akhenaten rule Egypt in lockstep rule, a first. The Mer-Ka-Ba is anchored by building Tel el Armana in the exact center of Egypt. Amenhotep3 rules from Thebes for awhile then resigns the throne while he is still alive, another first. Akhenaten becomes the first pharoah of Egypt meaning "That which you will become" (hint hint)

He decrees that an era of truth has dawned. He is the first ruler of Egypt to instruct the scribes/artisans to depict ALL THINGS they actually looked, including the royal family. This is important because it was the first time that the Kings had been depicted exactly as they looked. Akhenaten exhibited the evolved body type of our future, standing around 10-12ft tall as a teenager. The paintings of the 18th Dynasty look like photographs because the artists weren't allowed to lie. The only clothing allowed was for ceremonial purposes; this is why Egyptians of this era are almost always depicted nekkid. The military was called back to Egyptian soil and the priesthood was dissolved; people were told "You don't need priest's, God is WITHIN you! These beings may be god's but they only represent information which will lead you to GOD: yourself". Is it surprising that he only lasted less then 18 years before there was a revolt? Most believe he died after being poisoned and shut up in a Sarcophagus, but you can't kill an immortal. I'll let others finish his story. But I will say that 'King' Tut was an insider working for the "organization". I'd like to point out that after his rule it is eventually Ay the immortal himself who had to take over after King Tut's death in 1325 BC!! At this point Ay was Ten's of thousands of years old. You might rush to find a pic of him (at the very end of the 18th Dynasty) and say "He doesn't look that old".... well DUH! Immortality will do that for ya <giggle>.

Now, let's focus on the Egyptian Mystery School of Akhenaten, or the Law of One. To this day one faction of the Masons is called the Law of One, while another is called the Son's of Belial (the Bull). The difference between them is powerful. The One says that as we ascend we realize we are all ONE (Zenheads rejoice!). The Son's of Belial contend that it is Enki who created humanity, then made them self aware, therefor he is to be served through his Son RA-Marduk the lion, and through his son Set. The Son's of Belial also believe that they know the same secret the Gnostic's know about Jesus--- he was possessed at various times. More on this later.

When establishing his School Akhenaten brought students from the Left Eye of Horus Mystery School (mostly female graduates at least 45 years old) and placed them into the Right Eye of Horus Mystery School for 12 years of instruction in things like how to activate both left and right brains (obviously?), breathing Prana, Tantric Sex, Kundalini, Chakra's, Mer-Ka-Ba activation, intonation and invocation of fire signs and proper prayer, proper diet, exercise, meditation, and specific preperation and ingestion of certain drugs during controlled shamanistic experiences. This last part is the most important by the way. The big secret behind the Elysian Mysteries? Drugs.

Demeter and Kore's spring festivals give ya Mushroom/Opium BarleyBeer spiked with mint and call it nector or ambrosia. They took place every 5 years; it was hard to gather all those shrooms. Dionysus or Bachus' Festivals naturally gave you wine with several psychotropic drugs mulled in it. Both of these fests whispered info about reincarnation and the possibility of immortality for mortals. When Moses leads the Hebrew's into the wilderness RA tells them to eat this weird little mushroom with their unleavened bread. This mushroom pops up with the morning dew and is called Manna (morning bread) from Heaven. Some think the Hebrew's were flyin 24-7 if ya know what I mean. When Jesus told his disciples to "eat of my body and drink of my blood".... he laid out Manna and Soma for them. Soma is a special brew which is boiled for hours and includes opium, the amenita muscaria mushroom, and another psylocibin shroom here, a Syrian Rue plant there.... The Hermetic Ectenes contribution to the mix was ecstasy after all.

Back to the story. Akhenaten has accomplished his task. He has re-entered the path to Christ-consciousness into the Akashic memory. 300 more (mostly female) ascended masters had joined the Tat Brotherhood in Immortality. Some say they waited until 500 BC until the next phase of the plan came about. But as I have tried to demonstrate the initiates of this ONE SCHOOL spread out from that time and place. The quickening had begun as the ripples of enlightenment spread out in concentric circles. The Brotherhood migrated to a place called Masada, Israel, and formed the Essene Brotherhood in 500 BC. The Coptics are next formed in Egypt, and then Sophists in Greece. It's starting to come together now isn't it? When I call the Essenes, Coptics and Sophists extensions of the same School it's because they are.

Contrary to what is being taught, the female ascended masters didn't stay still for 850 years.... they started Schools of their own. This is why there was such a long period where paganism was dominated by women and the Matriarchs, the least of which by no means was Messene. Now I've got news for ya--- immortality doesn't usually = getting smarter by addition, it usually means there will be NO MORE SUBTRACTION. When someone goes around braggin how "I am a jealous god" we are allowed to wish them to grow up. The immortal's are always depicted as mostly mixed up characters; there's a big lesson in the differences between immortal god, ascended initiate, ascended Master's and ascending master's .

Back to 500 BC. I wish to introduce the Gnostic's to another concept which they wound up adopting. First of all, I hope some are now calling themselves Sophists, who cornered the word Gnostic for the first time <<<"those who know">>>. While they were debating every nuance of ascension there was a group of Messenians who were busy merging into the Ectenes founded in Boeotia by Thoth/Hermes. Ectene doesn't = cow in any way, heheheee. It means "one who follows Ecstasy". When Cadmus landed to build his city, he found a druidic/shamanistic group of people who ate lots of magic mushrooms and had studied under Thoth as their king.

Messenians were "one who follows Messene". Messene herself is "one who follows Messeh". Messeh has two important meanings. One is Draco; it is around 621 BC that the word Draconian is termed for the harsh Athenian lawgiver. Draco means Dragon and is a clue for us to look deeper. Remember that the Dragon-God Enki has "seen the light"; after creating us, he has always tried to be there for his children. Gnostics have always struggled with the possession issue... I merely point out a piece of information. Messeh also means Messiah, the Messiah of the Jews is the son of a stern judge-- Draco + son RA. Some say that Masa-da means 'mountain of Messah'. The Jews say that Jesus is the avenging Messiah Warrior-King and, sure enough, from time to time there is Jesu talking all tough, telling us how his Father is gonna come back and kick our sinnin buttski's.

Never say amen again without GNOing you are saying the name of Marduk the Anunnaki, son of Enki (sometimes called Satan, sometimes creator). When Jesus says "My father the Amun" we know he means Amun-Ra. Some look for a son of RA, like Set, while others point out that RA's father Enki was probably called the Amun and thus it is Marduk the Mithraic Lion of the Tribe of Judah himself who was Jesus. Jesus also said "I and the Father are ONE". Being Messenian meant "one who follows the Messiah". You don't believe? I already talked about when both Marduk and Set were kicked out of rulership into exile.. RA always went north to the Horse tribes. Remember, it is in Hurran that he meets Abraham. He was partial to these people always rushing around. Hurrying=Hurryan=Aryan (inside joke, sorry). And RA luuuvs Greece + Rome, where he has the Mithraic Mystery Cults to keep his memory alive. He personally takes control of the area where Enki had roamed (now you gather why so many dragon stories in the north). The Gnostics say that Samael is the Snake God blinded by Sophia. They call him creator-demiurge, and he is also identified as the Anunnaki-Zophim who personally guarded over Rome.

But if materialistic Draco-Samael-Ra is the Demiurge in the sense of being creator, the Gnostic's would also contend that he is the Demiurge in another sense, meaning he is a puppet being used by somebody else. A snake earns it's wings I guess.

This is Jesus as Lord--- Father Draco the Dragon and Son RA the Lion.

In the next posting we will peek at Jesus as Man and initiate, who went through years of schooling, engaged in tantric sex, lived on Earth for over 50 years, practiced shamanic drug use and was a warm and approachable human-being!!!

We will also peek at Jesus as Logo's. We will try to understand how the Essene's somehow knew that not only did Draco and Ra take turns in this man's body, but someone else did as well. As part of this insight I will offer a proof that this hidden possessor of Jesus had visited Earth in the past and left clues about him/herself buried in our alphabets!!

I will also finish our peek at the Essenes. I'm sorry that some think it's mockery and hope that this posting and the next will show my respect for this group. If you think that the Essenes were THROWN out of the Christian Church than you are mistaken. They WERE the Church, before the Paulicans and Peter's followers subverted authority. It's hard NOT to run away when there is a Roman Legion marching down on yer ass to kill you and burn your lifes work. This is why the Gnostics approached the Coptics concerning the safekeeping of a small part of the library later known as the Nag Hammadi codices. The Gnostic's are a direct extension of the revealed Essene's, who waited in Masada for an opportunity to serve the cause of the ascended masters. Today's Essenes and Gnostics are supposed to be guardians of this truth, not saboteurs.

Another point: my labeling of the Gnostics as Christian's is not a mistake. I have already tried to show where the root of the word Sophia came from; hopefully the post-modern Gnostic's will understand that in 500 BC their belief system was invented and their predecessors called themselves Sophists. The reference to Gnostics as Christians stems from the FACT that, not only are they called Sophists, they are also called Soterists. Sophists luv engaging each other in debate... they are the first to popularize and formalize debate after Democratia (council of the god's) permitted DEMOS to bring Democracy to the Greeks. I have already mentioned Demos as being from the same 'organization' as other revealers of this time.... he was connected to Hermes/Thoth too. Another member of the organization to pop up during this era is Zeus-Soter... an unkown son of Zeus who told people that he came to RESCUE mankind from a future calamity.

It is the Sophists who recognized Zeus-Soter as the Christ-Conscious redeemer sent from the Mystery Schools. Whereas they called Messeh the Messiah, which means "Saviour through bringing of Light".... they called this other being SOTER which means "Rescuer from Death". Gnostics have long maintained that the Rapture is held before the End of the World, but it is vaguely spoken of as a somewhat regular event. This is a reference to Nibiru's passing and the fact that Enki saves a remnant before every calamitous pass. We have looked at Draco's son as the Warrior-Messiah who attempts to fulfill ancient prophecy by "Becoming the Christ", or by entering his own SEED (Set) into the race of man through EVE. This is why the other version of Jesus is seen as the Prince of Peace. He talks about the original possessor of the initiates body as ignorant, doesn't he? This is why in the 4th century AD the Christian's attacked the Mithraic Lion/Sun cults in Rome. They were confused about the image of the Lion and attacked he who they served all along (we assume this was the Paulican's and Peterites).

And about Draco's heaven? "Where men go to avoid the real heaven, the highest of the high". He is here to RESCUE us from the whole scene (ok it's really his bride he wants), but there is a big difference between the two. Draco+Ra, who talk of cities and countries (and ok, Nibiru too) come drivin the Rapture bus and sez "Hop on board! Let's go!". The Prince of Peace, who talks of Galaxies and multiple Universes says "I'm here to show you how to Rapture yourself." The original Gnostics called themselves Soterists after the study of their Christ, whom they recognize as a being from the 13th heaven (not the 7th); this being came to us with a crew of workers who could merge into one body called the Simulacrum. The Gnostics knew that there was a round robin tag team of beings who came and went through the body of the initiate Jesu. This is why older books on Gnosticism breaks the study down into Sophism and Soterism. Get it? Don't be too offended when I call the Gnostic's Christian's. The last compilers of the Hermetica talked of 3 factions of Christians in Egypt, the Druidic Roman Church, the Coptic's and the Gnostic's. They reported that the Gnostic's and Gentile's would constantly battle over who were the REAL Christian's. Gnostics fought for such distinctions at one time, not against them. They also had a mission--- to teach anyone interested the path to Ascension.

Ascend today!!! You have an eternity to become a Master!!

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